Aucuba ‘Golden Girl’

Project Description

In 1993 I crossed Aucuba japonica ‘Nana Rotundifolia’ with A. japonica ‘Crotonifolia’. The resulting cross was a very compact hybrid (picture below) with short internodes, variegated leaves and large red berries. It was a good plant but even better now, because 8 years ago it developed a striking gold sport and this is the clone that has been name ‘Golden Girl’  photo above

  • A very compact evergreen  shrub with short internodes
  • Best in shade
  • Any well drained soil
  • Border or Patio pot/container
  • Leaves boldly blotched with gold
  • Large bright red berries when planted near a male variety
  • Free of most pest and diseases

Named by Charles Carr, Production Director of Lowater’s Nursery (Garden Beauty).


The original hybrid raised in 1993




Exclusive to New Place Nurseries who are marketing Saleable Plants and Liners to the trade.

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Hello Peter, 10th May 2014Aucuba japonica Golden Girl is very beautiful.
It’s really a Golden Girl !
Today, in our collection,  it’s completely gold.Thank you for this Aucuba!RegardsLes Jardins de la Régie

Project Details

  • GenusAucuba
  • Species'Nana Rotundifolia' x 'Crotonifolia'
  • Cultivar'Golden Girl'
  • CategoryEvergreen shrub
  • Height & Spread1m x 1m 10 Years
  • Plant Breeders RightsExclusive to New Place Nurseries
  • ColoursColours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline and may vary according to local conditions.