Buddleja lindleyana ‘Little Treasure’

Project Description

GMTlQDSE3kadtjEyCiJjGiALJHCuWvHkeSaUm231e5A,p7WuQH0sFc9660bHhWXupROM_AyKwca_bLUIvNkcqqEBuddleja lindleyana ‘Little Treasure’ is completely different to B. lindleyana; flowering from July to Oct and for this reason I was going to call it Endless Summer, it just keeps flowering The purple–violet flowers are like B. lindleyana strikingly beautiful (Hillier Manuel). It can be grown as a shrub or possibly trained on a short 1m stem to show off the pendulous flowers.

The flowers are unscented but do have nectar and I have seen one or two Hummingbird Hawkmoth and even better the flowers have no pollen.


  • Hardy to -15°C
  • Any well drained soil but not shallow chalky soil
  • Small light green leaves
  • Flowering July to October
  • Flowers purple-violet
  • Small light green leaves
  • Attracting Hummingbird Hawkmoth



Buddleja lindleyana ‘Little treasure’ Photo Richard Loader



Seiont Nursery


Regular removal of spent flowers will extend the flowering period of all summer flowering buddleja


Project Details

  • GenusBuddleja
  • Specieslindleyana
  • Cultivar'Little Treasure'
  • CategoryShrub
  • Height & Spread100 x 0.75 m x 0.75m
  • Plant Breeders Rights• Plant Breeders Rights—Exclusive propagated by Seiont Nurseries
  • ColoursColours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline and may vary according to local conditions.