Choisya ternata ‘Royal Lace’

Project Description

Choisya ‘Royal Lace’

  • A stunning new hybrid with delicate lacy foliage
  • Lime green to golden dependent upon the growing stage
  • A profusion of richly scented white flowers in the spring turning the plant into a white mound
  • Any well drained soils, not suitable for very exposed situations
  • Ideal on a Patio, likes full sun
  • Also in the garden border but may require fleece if very cold -10°C for the first year or so


Choisya Royal Lace

Choisya ‘Royal Lace’: New for containers –

This article by Graham Rice first appeared on his Royal Horticultural Society New Plants blog and is used with permission of Graham Rice and the RHS.”

Since the arrival on the scene of Choisya ternata Sundance (‘Lich’) back in the 1980s, there’s been a steady succession of new choisyas. In June 2009 I brought you news of White Dazzler (‘Londaz’), then in April last year there was Choisya ‘Aztec Gold’. Now, there’s another, ‘Royal Lace’ – and we’ve gone from two varieties to eleven different choisyas in just a few years.

Basically, the development of new choisyas has sprung from the popularity of the old ones. And, as a result of the fact that they’re especially popular in Britain, where the climate suits them very well, all the new introductions from Sundance until now have been developed in Britain – in fact most have been developed by just two plant breeders.

This latest, Royal Lace, was developed by Peter Moore, former propagator at the well known shrub specialist Hillier Nursery and now at Longstock Park Nursery in Hampshire.

The features that set Royal Lace apart are its uniquely neat and compact growth, it reaches only 75cm, combined with its slender golden evergreen foliage and its mass of fragrant white flowers in late spring. It’s similar to ‘Aztec Gold’, but noticeably more dense and compact and so ideal in a container it would look especially good in a modern garden setting in a blue glazed pot.

Royal Lace’ enjoys any reasonable soil, plenty of sun but should not be allowed to dry out, especially in a container.

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Choisya Royal Lace Sept

September 4th 2015 There has never  been leaf  burning on this variety  or damage by slugs that can be a problem on some Choisya

Choisya Royal Lace under glass at Lowaters 17 April 2014Choisya Royal Lace wisley 2015

Taken in the Plant Centre at Wisley  Gardens July 2015

Five have been marketed, number six is completely different C. Apple Blossom is now available (autumn 2015)  with two more under trial in Europe.

Project Details

  • GenusChoisya
  • Speciesarizonica
  • Cultivar'Royal Lace' Pmoore06
  • CategoryEvergreen shrub
  • Height & Spread60 x 0.75 cm 10 yrs
  • Plant Breeders RightsPropagation for resale is illegal without a licence from the Agent
  • Colours--