Escallonia ‘Golden Carpet’

Project Description

Escallonia ‘Golden Carpet’ is

a new variety that was first shown at the HTA National Plant Show 2013 by UK based Seiont Nurseries. It is a sport of Escallonia ‘Red Carpet’ the variety which was bred by plantsman Peter Moore.

E. ‘Golden Carpet’ is a compact low spreading Escallonia with pure golden foliage in summer and lime coloured foliage in winter. It has lots of red flowers in mid-late summer and E. ‘Golden Carpet’ makes according to Neil Alcock, Seiont’s propagator, “a perfect container or garden plant. It is easy for producers to grow on and brightens up any sales area”.


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From New Plants and flowers

This new introduction was a sport of Escallonia ‘Red Carpet’ found by Neil Alcock of Seiont Nurseries in his parents’ garden.

  • Low evergreen with vibrant gold foliage
  • Any well drained soil
  • Hardy to  -18°C
  • Sun or dappled shade
  • Excellent patio container/pot
  • Pretty small red flowers July- August
  • A sport of Escallonia ‘Red Carpet’

Neil Alcock wrote 31st Dec 2015

Nice to see Escallonia Golden Carpet growing well in Japan




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Escallonia ‘Golden Carpet’ Four Oaks Award


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escallonia golden carpet flower close up

Escallonia ‘Golden Carpet’

Photo below  taken by

Richard Loader
FhF Greenmedia

Escallonia Golden Carpet x facebook

Project Details

  • GenusEscallonia
  • Species sport of Red Carpet
  • Cultivar Golden Carpet' EU2014/1572
  • Category Spreading evergreen shrub
  • Height & Spread20-50 cm x 50cm
  • Plant Breeders RightsResale is illegal without a licence from the Agent.
  • Coloursolours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline and may vary according to local conditions.