Oenothera ‘Crown Imperial’

Project Description

This hybrid was the first cultivar of an ongoing breeding programe .

In 1997 one plant threw up a tall shoot and when it opened it looked just like a Crown Imperial (Fritillary plant).

Praise for O. ‘Crown Imperial’, it is a stately eye-catching plant producing deep red buds that open to reveal silk lemon petals coupled with attractive glossy green foliage.

This is truly a winning combination, ‘Crown Imperial’ certainly lives up to it regal name.

  • Any garden soil
  • Clumps with large rich green leaves
  • Bright yellow flowers
  • Summer flowering
  • A perfect choice for cut flowers
  • Gardens, borders, containers and mixed beds
  • Deer resistant




Longstock Park Nursery

RHS Plant Finder

Hardy’s Cottage Plants

Crown Imperial from web site

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Project Details

  • GenusOenothera
  • Species--
  • Cultivar'Crown Imperial'
  • Category--
  • Height & SpreadHeight 40/50 cm
  • Plant Breeders Rights--
  • ColoursColours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline and may vary according to local conditions