Buddleja ‘Pride of Longstock’

Project Description

Yet another great plant from Peter Moore at Longstock Park also called ‘Longstock Pride’.The same cross as the rare ‘Pride of Hever’ which it closely resembles. The leaves are like lindleyana but slightly serrated. The typical Buddleja flowers are bright purple in open panicles and have retained some of the fine B. crispa scent. It dies down in winter but bursts into life in late March”.

Andrew Large
 The Buddleja Garden

Buddleja ‘Hever Pride’ is a cultivar of Buddleja crispa and B. lindleyana raised at Hever Castle Gardens, Edenbridge, Kent, in 1958.

I did this cross in 1999 at the time not knowing it had been crossed 40 years earlier. ‘Pride of Longstock’ is widely available and exclusively propagated and marketed by Lowaters Nursery.



  • Any well drained soils with added compost
  • Hard prune end of March 30cm.  Feed Vitax Q4 end of May
  • Prefers a sunny situation
  • Hardy to –18°C
  • Does not set seed, sterile with no pollen
  • Free of most pests
  • Water in very hot dry summers
  • Large flowers mid August until October
  • Removing the dead flowers, makes the plant look better and you get more flowers
  • Last year I saw a Humming bird Hawk moth on B. ‘Pride of Longstock’


Hawk moth not taken at longstock

Not taken at the nursery

Regular removal of spent flowers will extend the flowering period of all summer flowering Buddleja



Can be overwintered in a cold glass house for early flowers.


Lowaters Nursery


Longstock Park Nursery

Garden Beauty Nursery

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Project Details

  • GenusBuddleja
  • Specieslindleyana x crispa 1999
  • Cultivar'Longstock Pride'
  • CategoryShrub
  • Height & Spread1m -1.5-2m High x 1 m Wide
  • Plant Breeders RightsExclusively propagated and marketed by Lowaters Nursery (Garden Beauty)
  • ColoursColours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline and may vary according to local conditions.