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To celebrate 60 years in horticulture during 2020 Peter gave 25% of his royalties from four plants:

Buddleja Berries and Cream, Buddleja Silver Anniversary,Choisya White Dazzler, and Sarcococca Winter Gem

to horticultural charity Perennial who assists people in horticulture during tough times.


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French nurseryman Jean Pouillart enthusing about Choisya White Dazzler



How I Create New Plants

I spend many hours over the winter months researching reference books, the web etc and plan a programme on the genera I intend to work on in the coming year. In the case of Buddleja I aim for sterile flowers and compact growth but not ground cover.

You can let the bees do all the work, but I prefer to carefully remove the stamens from the individual flowers. However, if the flowers are 2 mm across or less this can be quite challenging but I feel this method allows you to raise more complex hybrids and far more satisfyingly it is your work and not done by the bees.

See video below for information on how plant breeding is done.

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Peter’s Plants

Peter has been Plant Breeding and creating new plants for 38 years. This website showcases his achievement from the award-winning Choisya White Dazzler AGM to a portfolio that now includes shrubs, climbers and perennials.

Peter's Story
  • Buddleja davidii ‘Longstock Autumn Delight’

  • Buddleja alternifolia Unique

  • Buddleja ‘Pride of Longstock’






Thanks to Peter for all the plants you have brought into the world.

Roy Lancaster, My Life With Plants

Peter's Journal