Sarcococca hookeriana ‘Winter Gem’

  • Distinctive red to pink anthers

Project Description

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 If you have this in your garden or in a pot and it is looking a bit yellow FEED NOW  with high nitrogen fertilizer May 23rd

During the winter this amazing glossy evergreen Sarcococca  ‘Winter Gem’ shrub is,

smothered by highly fragrant honey-scented white flowers; each one emerging from a deep red bud. It is perfect for borders and containers, or as a low fragrant hedge. It is an absolute must-have for your garden bearing its glossy green leaves and beautifully fragrant flowers in the depth of winter when the rest of your garden is dormant.

This slow growing plant spreads by suckering shoots gradually forming a low-growing mound of evergreen foliage. The dark green leaves are slightly rippled and the white flowers are eventually replaced by glossy black spherical fruits. It is a very adaptable and reliable shrub that is easily grown in most situations including dense shade with very dry soil. It will also grow in full sun.

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  • Hardy evergreen shrub (Christmas Box)
  • Succeeding in any fertile soil
  • Especially happy in chalk
  • Dense suckering habit, excellent ground cover
  • Shade-tolerant but will also grow in full sun
  • Very dark glossy foliage suitable for cutting
  • A profuse of fragrant small creamy-white flowers
  • In late winter has distinctive red to pink anthers
  • Followed by shinning black berries in the autumn
  • Excellent plant in a coloured pot on a patio feed in the spring

Can be seen in the Winter Gardens at the Hillier Gardens, Romsey, Hampshire:

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Highly fragrant honey-scented white flowers; each one emerging from a deep pinky-red bud

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Sar Winter Gem flowers

  Highly fragrant honey-scented white flowers

This new hybrid form (S. hookeriana var. digyna ‘Purple Stem’ x S. hookeriana var. humilis), has inherited the best qualities of both its parents. It has larger than average leaves, which are a glossy rich green and highly scented white flowers in winter that are followed by spherical, glossy, red berries that ripen to black. Tough and tolerant of most conditions, it is especially valuable for shadier areas.



SONY DSC Fills a garden with perfume on a winters day from Christmas to March. It flowers in the dead of winter when very little else dares to grow.



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It is wonderful in a patio pot at the front door or as a little hedge along a path or steps leading to the door.

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Winter Gem is a good plant, useful in small gardens due to the fact that it does not grow too quickly; is compact (around 70 x 70), with a beautiful perfume; buds are already appearing which will open to give highly scented flowers; it has shiny dark green leaves and flowering time is March to April.   Needs a fairly light soil with dappled shade – no direct sun.  Prune lightly after flowering to retain its compact shape.

 In my experience it will grow in full sun


Sarcococca  hookeriana ‘Winter Gem will very slowly grow up to 3-4ft high and wide in 10 years.  Can be pruned in the spring.

Sarcococca Winter Gem - Garden 01Sarcococca Winter Gem - Garden 09

Sarcococca Winter Gem - Garden 12



Photo’s by Peter van Rijssen  from royalty Management agency Plantipp BV/Concept Plants USA

Sarcococca  hookeriana ‘Winter Gem‘  LJ lisselstein The Netherlands   15/02/2015



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Winter Gem 04

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Project Details

  • GenusSarcococca
  • Specieshookeriana
  • Cultivar'Winter Gem' pmoore03 EU EU38472 USA 13/998.667
  • CategoryShrub
  • Height & Spread30 - 60 cm 1ft-2ft x 2ft 6 years possible 3-4ft in 10 + years
  • Plant Breeders Rights--Propagation for resale is illegal without a licence from the Agent
  • ColoursPhotos credited to Richard Loader have copy right FhF Greenmedia | |