Buddleja Sugar Plum

Buddleja Sugar Plum is lower growing than many of the other Buddlejas; this is a fine new cultivar with long tapering clusters of pinkish red flowers. These look amazing when in full bloom and will attract a wide range of butterflies to the garden. Easy to grow and drought tolerant once established, this undemanding deciduous shrub offers a long season of colour and interest.

  • Very hardy
  • Any well drained soil
  • Hard prune end of March 30 cm. Feed Vitax Q4 end of May
  • Prefers a sunny situation
  • Compact and more bushy form of Royal Red
  • Free branching habit
  • Intense red flowers
  • Floriferous flowering
  • Short internodes
  • Best for butterfly attraction

In the display garden at the National Collection Longstock Park Nursery in Hampshire it out performs B. ‘Miss Ruby’ in that the nursery sells more B. Sugar Plum.

Regular removal of spent flowers will extend the flowering period of all summer flowering Buddleja


Genus Buddleja
Species davidii
Cultivar Sugar Plum 'LONPLUM'
Category Deciduous shrub
Height & Spread 150 - 300 cm x 150 cm
Plant Breeders Rights EU34794 Propagation for resale is illegal without a licence from the breeder or Agent.
Colours Colours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline and may vary according to local conditions.
  • Photo from Plantipp Concept Plants

  • Photo from Plantipp Concept Plants

  • Photo from Plantipp Concept Plants

  • August 2016 Richard Loader

  • September 2015 my garden Peter Moore

  • In my garden 2018 Peter Moore

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