Choisya Apple Blossom

  • A stunning new hybrid with delicate fine foliage
  • Dark green leaves
  • A profusion of scented pink and white flowers in spring
  • Any well drained soils, not suitable for very exposed situations
  • Possibly better in partial shade
  • Hardy to -18°C in my garden

Choisya is often referred to as Mexican Orange Blossom due to the pure white flowers, however Choisya Apple Blossom is the first bi-coloured Choisya with stunning pink and white flowers.

In spring masses of pink buds appear which open into white flowers. The soft shades of pink and white will give a rustic, romantic feel to any garden. C. Apple Blossom has a lovely fragrance which attracts butterflies and bees.

The dark green leaves are retained throughout the year and the cultivar has a finer leaves than either C. ‘Aztec Pearl’ or C. White Dazzler, giving the plants a more delicate appearance. The overall compact shape makes it ideal for a smaller garden.


Choisya Apple Blossom updates 2016

  • This plant flowered every year and  was trialled for 10 years before bringing it to the market. Plants in pots flower,
  • Regrettable planted in the ground may take two- three or so years to establish before flowering.

photo below shows 2L plants offered by a Dutch grower 2018

Plants in garden centres still look attractive with the very fine leaves, completely different to any other Choisya currently on the market.

Genus Choisya
Cultivar Apple Blossom 'PMOORE09'
Category Evergreen shrub
Height & Spread 120 cm x 60 cm after 10 years
Plant Breeders Rights Propagation for resale is illegal without a licence from the Agent
Colours Colours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline and may vary according to local conditions.
  • 2 L plants grown at a Dutch Nursery 2018 Plantipp BV

  • Richard Loader Longstock 2015

  • Richard Loader Longstock 2015

  • Richard Loader Longstock 2015

  • Richard Loader Longstock 2015

  • Richard Loader Longstock 2016

  • Peter Moore Longstock 2015








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