Escallonia Red Carpet

Escallonias rank high among flowering evergreens and are all the more valuable for giving their display during the summer and early autumn.

From the Hillier Manual.

  • Escallonia Red Carpet is a hardy low growing evergreen shrub, more a mound than a carpet
  • Any well drained soil, sun or shade
  • Small coarsely toothed glossy green leaves
  • Showers of red flowers with a white strip, June to late Autumn
  • Excellent  garden plant patio container,
  • Low royalty rate to attract all parts of the UK amenity and landscaping market
  • A better grower than E. ‘Red Dream’
Genus Escallonia
Cultivar Red Carpet 'LONCAR'
Category Evergreen shrub
Height & Spread 60 cm x 60 cm
Plant Breeders Rights EU25226 Propagation for resale is illegal without a licence from the breeder or Agent.
Colours Colours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline and may vary according to local conditions.
  • Richard Loader my garden 2015

  • Peter Moore January 2015

  • Richarden Loader Summer 2015

  • Peter Moore

  • Peter Moore my garden

  • Peter Moore

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