Philadelphus ‘Dainty Lady’

In 1995 I crossed Philadelphus microphyllus with P. delavayi calvescens. The best seedling I named ‘Dainty Lady’. It is an idea shrub for small gardens as the intense fragrant flowers are borne on slender branches in early June.

  • A very hardy deciduous small shrub
  • Sun or partial shade
  • Growing in the poorest of chalky soil but would benefit from added compost
  • Leaves glaucous green, small to medium
  • Upright habit except in flower
  • Flowers white with purple to maroon calyx with a very fragrant scent
  • Flower stems are pendulous
  • Attractive stems in winter
  • In the garden an idea plant for a mixed shrub border, landscaping or an individual garden feature

Immediately after flowering cut the flower stems down to the ground.

Can be seen on the front drive of the Hiller Gardens, Romsey, Hampshire and is planted in a east facing border at Longstock Park Nursery.

Genus Philadelphus
Species microphyllus x delavayi calvescens
Cultivar 'Dainty Lady'
Category Deciduous shrub
Height & Spread 200 cm x 75 - 100 cm/150 -250 cm when in flower
Plant Breeders Rights EU41105 Propagation for resale is illegal without a licence from the Agent
Colours Colours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline and may vary according to local conditions.
  • Richard Loader June 2016

    Peter Moore Longstock 2010

  • Richard Loader June 2016

    Richard Loader June 2016

  • Richard Loader photo taken at the Hillier Gardens

  • Richard Loader June 2016

  • Richard Loader

  • Peter Moore Longstock Park Nursery Winter 2016

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