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29 August 2018, by Peter Moore

Dear Peter

Must admit to watching the Proms broadcast instead of Gardeners World last Friday but did watch it on I-play today.

I thought your spot was absolutely great. You came over very well and even managed to elevate Joe Swift into someone half bearable.

The explanations you gave and the way you gave them and the plants you have produced were first class.

Our warmest congratulations on the broadcast and your presentation.

Peter Dummer would have been immensely proud of you.


Brian Humphrey

Retired Production Manager Hillier Nurseries

Hi Peter,

Congratulations on your gardener’s world debut.

You came across very well, relaxed ,confident and knowledgeable. Well done.



I was very pleasantly surprised to see you on Gardeners world Friday evening!So lovely to see you getting some of the recognition you deserve! Also glad to see retirement hasn’t slowed you down any and you are still creating some exciting new plants.

All the best,


Hi Peter

Just to let you know that we saw you on Gardeners World and thought you did very well indeed.  Congratulations and very well deserved!!!Hope to catch up with you sometime, it seems a long time ago.

Very best wishes

Graham & Suzie


Hi Peter

We really enjoyed seeing you on Gardeners World.   It was good to see
your plants in situ and to hear a little about how you have produced
them.  I understand it was a very long day for a short piece, but you
did very well and it was clearly put


Dear Peter,

Thanks for alerting me to your appearance on GW last week which I dont often watch. Thought you got across very effectively what you are achieving and poor old Whatshisname did not get a word in.
best,  Maurice


Dear Peter

I hope you didn’t mind my telling the garden club members about your appearance on Gardeners’ World on Friday.  Many watched it and I am sure you will have had emails from people telling you how interesting it was and how well you came across.  We all thoroughly enjoyed watching you.  It was fascinating and you explained things very well.  11 hours to five minutes is quite a contrast!


Dear Rosemary and John,

Gosh that was an eye opener for me. I knew Peter had developed a few plants but I had no idea just how prolific he has been , how well known and respected he is ,and the impact he has had/is having  on everyone’s gardens . What an amazing legacy ….I wish that I had done something so impressive ….maybe its a bit late for me to work on ‘cross breeding’ ( not sure of the right term)  cakes that everyone can enjoy combinations of well-known favourites e.g. chocolate carrot cake ….


Sent via my Brother

Hello Peter,  Well done!  You have cause to be pleased. It all came over really well on the programme and will make people realise that a lot of time consuming work goes into producing new plants for their garden enjoyment.   It was a refreshing change from the usual gardening interview, too.   Lovely.    See you soon, Clare and Pete.



Great piece on Gardeners’ World last night. Very interesting indeed

I noticed the doubled weyeriana seedling and it certainly looked different. I don’t know if you have seen one called High Five or Podcept1, but yours looks more completely doubled and more consistent

Nice to see you get some recognition.

Best regards,

Andrew L.


Wow saw you on Gardeners World just now. You were great and came across really well and presented your plants likewise. We also learned a lot about you . Can’t wait to see you soon. Well done you.

David Thompson


How lovely it was to see you on Gardner’s World. Very impressive, clearly a really talented man! I must pick your brains next time I see you. We will be over to do the autumn feed in the next few weeksKind regards


Ian Kenyon

Shrekfeet Lawn & Garden Services

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your e mail. The work you have done throughout your life is exceptional and I was proud to be connected to you via John and Rosemary. I told  friends and local garden enthusiasts about your appearance on GW and they gave positive feedback. It was good to read all your positive reviews and to browse your website . Am sure readers must think I was a bit ‘mad’ talking about cross breeding cakes! Rosemary said that you are a skilled cake maker.

all the best ,


Hello Peter,

I did catch that actually. Star of the silver screen!

James RHS

Hello Peter

Great piece on gardeners World on Friday!

Will you be able to get the show plants of Buddleija Berries & Cream up to us this week ready for 4 oaks launch?


Seiont Nurseries


Very impressive! Unsung hero, indeed. Don’t let all of this go to your head, Mr. Moore!

Seriously though I thought you came across very well and very professionally and if I didn’t know you I’d be very impressed!Best regards



Thanks Peter. You are a celebrity! Next step ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.I didn’t see the programme as I am holiday, but my family were impressed.


Sent from my iPhone


Dear Peter & John & Rosemary
Well we missed seeing you Peter but had  a good phone chat and will be sure to call ahead next time and visit the lovely pub too.
See attached photo of the P Moore sign 🙂  What a talented family you Moores are!
John & Gill
ps we did buy some buddleias to

Dear Peter

11 hours for 5 minutes but what a brilliant five minutes, even with the eternally dull Mr Swift! Five minutes tv advertising would cost £50,000 + and isn’t nearly so good as straight editorial so you’ve done really well.

Hopefully sales of your protected varieties will have quickly swelled

Well done Peter;  Suzette and I both enjoyed your YouTube appearance very much!

Best wishes

Robert Vernon (snr)

Bluebell Arboretum & Nursery

Dear Peter

I saw you on Gardeners World – thought you came over really well.  Great – about time.
Val Le May Neville-Parry

20th Sept




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