Aucuba ‘Golden Girl’

In 1993 I crossed Aucuba japonica ‘Nana Rotundifolia’ with A. japonica ‘Crotonifolia’. The resulting cross was a very compact hybrid with short internodes, variegated leaves and large red berries. It was a good plant but even better now because 10 years ago it developed a striking gold sport. It was named ‘Golden Girl’.by Charles Carr, Production Director at Hillier Nurseries

  • A very compact evergreen  shrub with short internodes
  • Best in shade
  • Any well-drained soil
  • Border or Patio pot/container
  • Leaves boldly blotched with gold
  • Large bright red berries when planted near a male variety
  • Free of most pests and diseases

Below is a YouTube filmed by Gavin Shaw Product Manager at Marshall’s Garden  Buy-online Aucuba Golden Girl

Gavin wrote

It was taken on our nursery but think the young material may have come from Newey, we now have it as 9cm, 3 lt and a batch coming along in a 7.5 lt pot.  It’s a great variety,


Genus Aucuba
Cultivar 'Golden Girl'
Category Evergreen shrub
Height & Spread 100cm x 100cm (after 10 years)
Plant Breeders Rights Propagation exclusive to Newey Group
Colours Colours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline and may vary according to local conditions.
  • Aucuba Golden Girl with fruit March 15th 2018

  • Aucuba Golden Girl in my garden Photo Peter Moore summer 2017

  • Aucuba Golden Girl with fruit March 15th 2018

  • Aucuba Golden Girl with fruit March 15th 2018



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