Daphne longilobata ‘Peter Moore’

The long narrow grey-green leaves are margined creamy white creating a very striking effect.  Evergreen. White flowers in summer followed by orangey-red berries. Perhaps a touch delicate to plant outside in the harsher areas but worthy of a winter home in any conservatory.

From Daphnes A Practical Guide for Gardeners by Robin White

Robin White has very effectively blended his long experience of growing, propagating and observing Daphnes in this excellent and very informative book that will prove an invaluable aid to all gardeners and will certainly stimulate further interest in cultivating this most attractive genus of garden plants. It will undoubtedly remain the standard work on Daphnes and their cultivation for many years to come.

From the foreword by Chris Brickell C.B.E. V.M.H.

Stockists. Regrettably this Daphne is no longer listed in the Plant Finder and my own plant died. If any collectors of Daphne have Daphne longilobata ‘Peter Moore’, can you please contact me.

  • Semi-evergreen
  • Sheltered border or cold glass in the winter
  • Striking variegated leaves
  • Flowers continous throughout the summer
  • Followed by copious amount of bright red berries that the birds love to eat.
Genus Daphne
Species longilobata
Cultivar 'Peter Moore'
Category Evregreen shrub
Height & Spread 75 - 100 cm
Plant Breeders Rights
Colours Colours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline and may vary according to local conditions.
  • Daphne longilobata 'Peter Moore'

  • Peter Dummer with Daphne longilobata 'Peter Moore'

  • Daphne longilobata 'Peter Moore'



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