Oenothera ‘Crown of Gold’

A sport from Oenothera ‘Crown Imperial’, this cultivar was a lucky find.

Liss Forest Nursery was responsible for growing my Oenothera ‘Crown Imperial’

In a batch of several thousand plants Peter Catt found an eye-catching variegated shoot with a creamy margin.

Unfortunately Oenothera ‘Crown Imperial’ was not protected by PBR, if it had been I would have received a percentage of the royalty.


  • A hardy perennial
  • Eye-catching variegated mid-green foliage
  • The yellow edge of the leaf is very attractive in spring
  • Clear yellow blooms in the summer months
  • Gardens, borders, containers and mixed beds



Genus Oenothera
Cultivar 'Crown of Gold'
Category Perennial
Height & Spread 30 - 40 cm high
Plant Breeders Rights
Colours Colours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline and may vary according to local conditions.
  • photo from the internet

  • photo from the internet

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