My Life in Plants, a Zoom talk by Peter Moore

19 November 2021, by Peter Moore

Reviews from the Zoom talk I gave to Plant Heritage  18th Nov 2021

60 years in Horticulture

Dear Peter,

I am just writing to say, thank you so much for the very interesting lecture that you gave to us last night. I hadn’t realised that you had bred so many new plants, there maybe one or two I need to look out for now, especially the double-flowered and the pink globosa Buddleja’s! I knew you played with the Buddleja and Choisya but I wasn’t aware of the herbaceous breeding you had done. As I suspected, your life in plants has been very varied and interesting, giving you the opportunity to travel and meet many plants people, I am sure that everyone watching will be very envious or the doors that it has opened for you.

Lynsey Pink     On behalf of the Hampshire Plant Heritage Group


And I am pleased to say I have quite a few of your plants, including the incredible ‘White Dazzler’ – I was thrilled when it flowered again recently – such a stunning plant.

I hope you are keeping well – every best wishes – Val

Val Le May Neville-Parry

Dear Peter,

I very much enjoyed your talk: very inspirational.

In addition, as it was recorded I have been able to watch it three times! It was so lovely of you to share the link and I shared it with the other students at the College too and I am sure lots of them joined the zoom as well.

Once again, thank you.

Highest regards

Beth Andrews-Dawson


Here is the link for your talk –  available for 7 days. Many thanks for such an informative talk – great to understand the detailed work that goes into producing and licensing a plant, and interesting to see that they get licensed in the USA – presumably to the highest bidder, or to the best producer. What a huge range of plants produced – very impressive.

Anyway, enjoy your talk.


Plant Heritage

H Peter

Fascinating talk about your plant breeding and was interested in your work with Antirrhinums. The reason is I’ve collected Antirrhinum seed from plants that have escaped peoples gardens and grown a few plants at home which are still flowering. Is it possible to pot these up and grow them on in the greenhouse? And possibly try and cross-pollinate them. Any advice would be welcome.

Thank you, Plant Heritage, for putting this talk on.

Best wishes,




Thank you!   Have just watched your video.  Excellent.  I fell asleep only once!!!!  Seriously it was very enjoyable.  Nice to know all your history.  You are very knowledgeable on plants.  Best wishes Debbie


Hello Peter,  Well, thanks so much for a great evening.  We really enjoyed every minute of your 60 years!   Can’t believe how many new plants you’ve produced over those years with your name going down in plant world history!   And you are certainly still keeping it up.  Marvellous.
Thanks again, Peter,
All best wishes for the plants yet to make an appearance!
Pete and Clare









Plant Heritage




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